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Chen Mu's assistant did what he was told and brought Yin Zin Leung and Karen to Chen Mu's office. After they had entered, his assistant left quickly after sensing a strong tension lingering in the deadly atmosphere in the office. It was as if an extra inhalation in the room would spike through his organs and melt his blood in molten lava.


"Sure thing. I don't mind all the lacey panties patterns and wild stripping husband thoughts of yours to give my designs some exciting sparkles." Susu teased as they walked to the parking lot. Lily cupped her cheeks, "Geez! Not just those, okay? There are also XXX and XXXX...."


When Susu looked up and saw Chen Mu's okay hand gesture, she smiled and announced, "And.. the last surprise that I have for everyone is...a spring's breeze." Flower petals sprinkled down, adding effects to the model's walk. Lin Que and Chen Mu were spreading and throwing petals to the fan from above, making a spring scenery.


"Pfffft, geez. How did you have the time to prepare all these?" She leaned her head backwards and turned her head sideways; meeting his lips. Her eyes focused on his cold, slightly dry lips. His gaze traveled downwards, following her eyes, "when you least expect it."


He knew how much she hated drinking bitter herb tea, so he chose a sweet type of herb over the bitter one when he bought the ingredients. While she slept and took sufficient rest, he was happily making the perfect formula for her body. Sometimes he smiled and other times he giggled like a schoolgirl thinking about her crush. He didn't even notice that she woke up and was observing his funny expressions from the hallway with her arms crossed.


'I'll definitely make this honeymoon up to you,' he thought to himself as he focused on his adorable wife who held a handful of menus. She was staring at the pictures on the menu with the tip of her tongue moistening her lips. He joined her and went through the menus in her possession.

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He chuckled as he closed his eyes and visualized everything that had happened as if it was just yesterday. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


She briefly remembered meeting him many years ago, but the number of times that they've met was countable using her five fingers. Although she wanted to figure everything out, there were too many knots and inquiries that pops up everytime she thought that she was going somewhere.


Instead of wiping off the makeup, the girls ended up bringing out more makeup and gave the guys a total makeover. The more they drew on their face, the funnier they looked. When the guys took a look at each other, they rolled around the floor and joined the girls in laughing.


Meanwhile, at the hotel suite, Professor Luo Xia dialed Zhi Hei's number. After the first ring, Zhi Hei picked up the call, "Hello, Professor Luo Xia."


She clung on to the metal pipes that were located close to the ceiling. Her petite body had fit in the space between the metal bar pipes and ceiling, securing her hiding position. As the assassin swung his metallic bat sideways, his bloodshot red eyes wandered left and right to make sure that there was no room for her to escape.


"Brother in law?! You! Who are you?! Don't you know who we are? If it is money, we can give you any amounts you request! Release us or you'll receive nothing." Li Teng threatened while gritting his teeth.


"Hmmm... this one? Nah, too boring...Ohh, how about a comedy?" She turned around to meet his eyes burning with the flames of his ignited passion. Seeing the enticing glimpse of her bare thighs with just an oversized sweater over her body, the last barriers to his self control broke.



Inside a luxurious office, the curtains were closed, the lights were turned off and only a faint glow from the table lamp highlighted the man's miserable expression. Tian Yuo sat lazily on the couch as he watched the wine in the glass swirl. He recalled the incident from earlier today and gripped the wine glass with immense strength that it cracked slightly.



Her hands slid from his cheeks to his shoulders as she returned the gentle kisses and deepened it. Even though their eyes were closed during their passionate kiss, his thumb wiped away a few drips of tears from her face. He knew how much this had meant to her and he was truly glad that this mistake turned out this amazing.


Perhaps if she had done even one thing to express her anger, he wouldn't have been as guilty right now. He twists and turned on the portable bed where each move of his had to be limited because it was smaller than a single sized bed. After some great difficulty, he fell asleep.


In the middle of the night, Susu opened her eyes to meet a tired pair of eyes. He smiled and asked in a low voice after pointing around the room where four people were sleeping on top of another with weird poses that could be part of a paparazzi's front cover. "Did you sleep well?"

  • When the song finished playing for the 5th time, her eyes opened and her lips curved up, "we're here. Let's go." She exited the car after he had parked it and guided him into a newly built condo building.
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