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"I'm fine. Let's go in. I'll beat the drug with my medicine and make sure her condition maintains stabilized." Noticing the tensed grip of his fists, Lin Que squeezed his shoulders to help him relax.


Lin Que took his credit card out and handed it to one of the waiters, "Put the charges for this event and the clean up fees on my tab. As an apology for causing a ruckus, I will compensate for everything that has been used, dirtied, and broken tonight. I hope everyone will continue enjoying themselves and avoid this area until it is cleaned up. To show our support for our friend's new restaurant, the Lin family will buy the restaurant's VIP coupons for everyone who is present."


"That's true too. It's alright, though, because nothing happened between him and me. Now, we are happily together. So, I feel super super blessed to have you around me." After drinking half the cup of milk, she felt bloated and couldn't finish it.


When she frowned, he would halt in his moves until she looked relaxed again. After putting her on the bed, he tried to retract his arm, but she was resting on it. If he slipped his arm away from her, she would surely wake up.


Susu observed their obviously nervous reactions as if another question would bring them to their deaths, so she decided to not ask any further. She smiled and said, "Ohh, then are you guys planning to stay here for a while?"


Since it was still early, Chen Mu washed the vegetables and seasoned the chicken for the congee before joining the three of them at the couch area. The first game that Lily took out was Monopoly Deals. It was a simple deck of cards mixed with money cards, action cards and property cards. The first person to stack the required colors and show three properties on the table will be the winner.

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"Even if I tell you this now, you may not believe it. I need to show you something first. Hold out your hand." Susu opened her palm and exposed the rose that was in her left hand. Zi Yan reached into her bag and brought out a box. From the box, she took out a green stem with a tiny leaf on it.


"Susu, you don't know how happy these words make me feel." He kissed her forehead and brushed away the tears that escaped her eyes.


Chen Mu was sucked into more business conversations, so Susu excused herself with Lily to get food for both of them. She was understanding and very welcoming when meeting his business partners and friends. This made many men feel envy towards Chen Mu for finding someone so special and unique.


"Oh? Shall I remind you how I made you call me hubby and how many times you've screamed it voluntarily yesterday night? Mmmmm?" He teased while hugging her waist and bringing his lips to hers.


"With me here, I'll see who dares force her to do what she doesn't want to do." Chen Mu stood with his arms crossed and slowly walked to Susu's side. Lily grabbed a bowl filled with food and stood at the best angle to watch this show unfold. 'Best juice of the year! Win her over with your manly nature! Ya! Fuck flowers and those boring romantic overused stuff! This is way better!!'


"No problem! I can even give them scrubbing shower!" She patted her chest reassuring herself that she could do it.


"Perfect chance!" Ariana smiled. She stretched her arms out and jumped onto Kitty's back while tugging her hair from behind. "You want to play chase the fucking cat game? I'll show you the prize for catching your fucking ass! Did you enjoy throwing all those tools? Well, say goodbye to your pretty hair and what you have now before I use every tool you threw at me on you! You also better pray for my friend to be alright because if anything happens to her, a hell hole awaits for you."



"It's just vitamin drips for her. She'll suffer from a little dizziness and numbness. That's all. Do it or that video of yours get spread on all the porn sites. I have your address and everything related to you. I could make a higher-quality orgy porn video for you if that's what you're asking for." Karen showed on her screen the list of private accurate information about Kitty's most recent activities.



Lily couldn't stand listening any longer and grabbed the collar of his shirt, "Dude! Why are you talking about regrets when you still have the time to make up for the hours, minutes, and seconds that you've missed already?! The past is already gone, and none of these minutes will reverse in time for you to fill these holes of regret! You still have time to spend with her."


Zi Yan's voice choked a little when she opened her mouth to interrupt their loving moment. "Is there anything we could do while you two are gone? Like a tracking device or something?"


Feeling her slightly trembling body, Chen Mu held her close to his body and rubbed her hand in his as she settled scores with her family. Karen opened her mouth and was about to speak, but was immediately cut off by Susu's tyrant murderous gaze, "And you. Stepsister my ass. You've done enough harm. Where did that arrogant part of you go? Oh wait, I forgot that your best bet is to act pitifully in front of men to gain their sympathy. Go on, try to win him over with your cries."

  • "Listen, from the door entrance, walk straight and make a left. On the top, you see all those blue cabinets? With your access card, unlock the second to last one and there should be a container with pills very similar to the ones in your hand. Replace them."
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